10 easy ideas to post on your Social Media

A lot of people we meet who aren’t yet using Social Media or haven’t fully integrated it into their marketing plans ask us what they should post on their Social Media channels.

There are literally hundreds of things you can post about but for some simple outgoing post suggestions for your social media, see below.   We recommend the 80/20 rule i.e. 80% sharing useful information and content and engaging with your audience and just 20% directed to your business.

1.  Promotional offers for your products/services

2. How your product/services solve your customers’ problems or help them

3. Comparisions of yours to other similar products/services

4. Reviews of your products/services or testimonials/case studies

5. Best of, top sellers or customers’ favourites

6. Your USP

7.  What you’re working on right now

9.  Industry news

10. Share photos or video of your people doing their work or using your products

We’ll post some more suggestions in the future, but hopefully these will give you some inspiration if you’re struggling with what to talk about.  Don’t forget, we’re very social and happy to join you in conversation, especially on Twitter, so do follow us @DotSocialise and

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A Croydon Tweetup at Matthews Yard

It has been a very long time since Croydon had a Tweet up and being the sociable and organised people that we are, the Dot Social ladies took it upon ourselves to organise the first Croydon Tweet up of 2014 at Matthews Yard last week.

For us, Tweetups aren’t for business purposes they are strictly social, to meet the scene behind the screen!

While there are lots of business networking events, there are less purely social meet ups; around Croydon we have Croydon Eats Out and Purley Breakfast Club as regular social events, and we’ve been to Croydon Tweetups in the past that have been purely social and informal occasions.  

That being said, there are a lot of people on Twitter interacting because they’ve got a business interest, so those connections and, “Hello, I’m X, what do you do?” introductions obviously lead to it being inevitable that some business networking occurs.  That’s great, and why not?!  But, for us, the main purpose of the Croydon Tweetups is just to meet and socialise with locals.  There’s no agenda, no timetable, no speakers and no pressure.  Just come and mingle and turn up and leave when it suits you.

This Wednesday was the first Croydon Tweetup this year and about 40 people came along.  There were a few presenters from Croydon Radio, which is based there, and a wide range of others.  There was a real buzz at the bar with everyone chatting and introducing those they knew and didn’t to each other.   There were only a few I hadn’t met before, and one guy who had definitely not found out about it on Twitter and isn’t on Twitter at all!

Thanks to the fabulous Matthews Yard for having us.  We love it there.  It’s such a great hub for business to personal, arts, music and community events and groups.

We intend to have these Croydon Tweetups regularly now, so keep an eye out for future dates on, or join, the official Croydon Tweetup page, see elsewhere online and follow us on Twitter.

If you missed this one, diary the next one which will be from 7pm on Weds, 9th April



So where does Social Media fit into the Marketing Mix?

I have been a SM Marketing practitioner for many years and have built up the social presence of other SME’s but it was only a few months ago that I decided to start my own business.  During these months I have built up my own online presence on social media platforms by talking to people, listening, sharing information and networking.  Through my efforts and through recommendations my clients for the most part have found me.  My little SM business is a living breathing example of how social media can work for you.

But it’s not just the SME’s that are getting social, as Gideon Spanier points out in his article in The Evening Standard (Mon 24th October 2011)  “Brand managers recognise social media has become not only too big to ignore but also integral to the Marketing Mix.”

SM Marketing mix from


So if social media is so important, where does it fit into the Marketing Mix?

With the above in mind, its no surprise that Ritu B Pant suggests alongside the established ‘Marketing Mix‘ – Product, Price, Placement and Promotion (The 4 P’s), social media has a Marketing Mix all of its own:

People – Integral in putting the ‘social’ into social media

Platform – There are A LOT of SM platforms to work with, for a marketeer, its all about discovering which platform your customers and potential customers are on.

Participation – Get involved, build meaningful relationships

Promotion – let people know about what it is you’re offering them – promote your business


Marketing Mix from


Manolis Kounelakis from Eyeflow has a slightly different approach, he says there is a 5th P in addition to the traditional 4 P’s which is Participation and from participation come the 5 C’s of social media:

Conversation – Get involved, get talking to your customers and potential customers, with SM there are no limits

Community – build your own community around your brand or become part of a local business community

Commenting – Let people know that you are listening and make comments about things that you find of interest

Collaboration –  Build a relationship with other people on SM platforms, work together to build your presence and spread the word.

Contribution – Get involved, don’t be lazy, once you have made the decision to build your presence and start a conversation you have to keep it up.


So what does this all mean for marketing in the post-noughties decade?

Marketing is an ever evolving beast, with changes in technology driving how we socialise online and more and more people participating, it is a very exciting time to be a marketeer!


‘As brands get more social, they must listen more than talk’ By Gideon Spanier (Evening Standard, Mon 24th October)

The Social Media Marketing Mix (The 4 P’s) by Ritu B Pant

The 5 C’s and The Marketing Mix in the Social Media Era – posted by Manolis Kounelakis