Scrap the iPhone 6 – this is even more exciting!

If you aren’t an Apple fan then maybe you haven’t waited with baited breath for, or watched in full the Keynote about the new iPhone 6.   However, there is something we feel is even more exciting about this launch, and that is the Apple Watch.

It’s interesting to note that this doesn’t look any bigger than my husband’s current Gadget Show-style watch, a Phosphor e Ink.

Phosphor e Ink

Phosphor e Ink watch

Apple say there’s an Apple Watch for everyone.  It certainly seems so if you are ready for it in early 2015.  You need an iPhone 5 or 6 to be able to connect and interact with it, but it is stand-alone too.   If you’ve got other Apple gadgets like Apple TV, then you’re able to interact with all that too.

The Apple Watch is waterproof and screens are protected by sapphire crystal or Ion-X glass for the sport version, and, of course, there’s the Edition version in gold!

It does look amazing and suddenly it feels like we really are now experiencing that fantastical stuff from the film Back to the Future.

Are you an Apple fan?   Have you watched the Keynote or looked at the capabilities of the new products?  We find it fascinating and can’t wait to see who will be wearing one in 2015.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go and have a look at the Apple Watch and/or watch the Keynote.

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