How to see ALL the Activity on your Facebook Page


When you arrive at your Facebook Page there’s a menu at the top showing Page, Activity, Insights (stats on who’s visiting etc) and Settings (where you can alter privacy and notifications etc).

If you want to see all the activity, and maybe show some more, delete some or highlight others comments/posts, you can go to the URL at the end add /allactivity to see all of it clearly.

For example; for us, we’d need to be logged into our page and change the URL at the top to be

You can then see all your Page Activity in a clear list.  Click on the pen icon next to them to do various things eg Highlight, Allow, Hide, Remove a Tag, Delete etc. Here you can also change their visibility by clicking on the world icon.

This can help you with highlighting positive or useful comments and feedback about your business on page by others, as posts where people who have @Mentioned your page will show up here, as long as it’s not been shared privately of course!

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