Dot Social has expanded

In 2014 we welcome two new partners to Dot Social.

I am very excited to announce (if you haven’t already noticed) that we have expanded.  I’d like to welcome to the team; established marketeer and generally fabulous Wendy Ager (if you have any connections to businesses in Croydon you’ve probably come across her at networking events on Twitter) AND photography / graphic design aficionado and e-learning expert Ania Wilk Lawton to provide an engaging visual and web design element to our services.

Three times the expertise.

‘Three Marketeers’ ready to help you fulfil your digital marketing requirements and help you use Social Media to progress your business.

Let me introduce you to the team:

Wendy Ager is a prolific online networker and established Marketeer, she specialises in Twitter, writing, copy/ for online or Linked In, business marketing & business coaching. With 4000+ followers on Twitter, she knows how to work it!

Ania Wilk Lawton has a passion for visual and creative services, running an established photography business alongside her involvement in DotSocial. With additional experience and a deep love for all things WordPress, she can make your business look good!

And myself, Stephanie Darkes Digital Marketer and Social Media Superstar and lover of all thing creative.  I have over 10 years experience in a wide range of areas from implementing and managing marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms for SMEs to writing for local publications and blogging.

Collectively we have nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter and 3,000 on Facebook.

And we are ready to help you!

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