Social Media Consulting

Your customers these days will expect you to have a presence on social media whether you’re a small or a large organisation. They expect to have direct access to you, both for queries, company news and offers and customer service.  It’s best to be both proactive and reactive in those fields. The use of social media for an individual or even small business has very different implications compared to a large organisation both outside and internally.

At Dot Social we’ve come from corporate background, covering both communication strategy and organisational management and can help you formulate a social media strategy that will work for you on all levels. However, we’ve all been small business owners too, so know how to market your personal brand.  From helping you find your space in the social media landscape, formulate your social media strategy, plan a long term or short term social media campaign, we can help.  For training you or your staff we have a wealth of tips to make managing it yourself easier and quicker than you could imagine!