Anyone can ‘do’ social – but not everyone can do it well

I’ve heard it said time and time again that ‘anyone can do social’ and it’s true, pop onto your Facebook profile and you’ll find any number of relatives from 15 to 80 sharing and chatting. But would you let your errant Aunt run your business’ Facebook page? Or would you let your tearaway teenage niece get her hands on your business Twitter profile?

The answer of course is ‘no you wouldn’t’ (unless you had some kamikaze tendencies).

The point is that yes, anyone can do social but to ‘do’ social successfully for business, they will need the following basic skills:

1. Good written language skills
Everything you say online is representative of your business, it is very important that you come across online professionally.

2. Empathy
They need to understand other people, and know how to talk to people in a way that allows them to get the best from a situation.

3. Creative Imagination
A lot of work around Social Media focuses on content creation, they have to be able to come up with great, interesting ideas.

4. Most importantly they have to like socialising
Sociopaths don’t bode well on Social Media sites, they will have to like a good natter.

And that’s just the basics! After that they will need:
1. Training on the platform/s of choice
2. An understanding of the ethos of the company
3. A knowledge of the correct tone for the message.

Yes, anyone can ‘do social’ but when it comes to YOUR business you need to make sure you get it right!

Top of the Twops

*disclaimer, I removed myself from all lists to make room for those whose egos need more massaging 😉

I have to admit that I don’t follow many at the very top, I’m not a big sleb watcher, but the list does make interesting reading.  I was very surprised to find Coldplay at number 17 and not so surprised that GaGa made number one.

1.  Lady GaGa, this is a woman who has her monsters well and truly under control secring her place as the Queen on Twitter.

2. Barack Obama, we all know Mr Obama is a bit of a ledge (legend) but despite certain people’s claims that his is out of favour, he’s obviously got plenty of monsters of his own.

3. Britney Spears, just as everyone likes a bit of car crash TV, I’m sure that most of her followers hang on with baited breath waiting for the meltdown (maybe that’s unkind but when was the last record she released)

4. Kim ‘bloody’ Kardashian who seems to be EVERYWHERE at the moment, she can’t really be that interesting can she?

5. Aston Kutcher (the eye candy) Ashton’s numbers increased drastically post his Demi Moore break up, I followed him for a while but all he seemed to talk about was saving whales – Obviously trying hard to be a nice guy *Yawn*


At this point you will be saying “but they’re all American” yes folks, we may be a mighty little Island but ‘little’ is the operative word and in the world stakes the Yanks outnumber us quite substantially.  So to counteract the very American top leaderboard, here is the top five as published in The Independent on Thursday 1st March:


  1. Richard Branson, everyone wants tips from this self-made multi billionaire, he first appeared on Twitter in 2008 and recently bought shares in the company, he is a social media force to be reckoned with.  When asked what the biggest regret of his career was in a recent interview, he replied: “Not starting Twitter.” – Oh Richard, you don’t have enough fingers for all of the pie
  2. Sarah Brown, wife of Gordon.  From Prime Ministers wife to passionate campaigner, Sarah has a huge Twitter following (but she does make a very surprising number two)
  3. Alan Carr ‘chatty man’ chats incessantly on Twitter and goes down a storm, I enjoy Alan Carr’s Tweets, hes a national treasure.
  4. Ricky Gervais I have to admit that I don’t find him funny but apparently lots of people on Twitter do, I guess now that he is a Academy Awards staple host his appeal has skyrocketed.
  5. Rob Brydon said Twitter was like a community but it had also opened him up to ‘the most incredible abuse’, yet this didn’t stop him using Twitter to announce the birth of his 5th  child.


Check them out for yourself:

We Follow Twitter Counter Twitterholic The Independent

Speaking of Ashton Kutcher..

Recently I read that Ashton Kutcher is set to play Steve Jobs in a film about his life, having only seen pictures of Steve Jobs in his later years I thought that Steve Jobs would be pretty chuffed with that bit of casting and then I found this picture… can you see the similarities? I know who I’d rather watch.









And speaking of slebs on Twitter, Madonna made her one and only appearance on Twitter at the end of March to defend herself over allegations that she was glorifying drug use.  DeadMau5 took exception to Madonna saying “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly,” at a recent performance in Miami.  The Twitter row was watched by millions but Mau 5 was left deflated when Madonna tweeted: “I was referring to the song ‘Have You Seen Molly?’, written by my friend Cedric Gervais who I almost worked with on my new album.”

Madonna has a new album out MDNA – it has nothing to do with drugs, honestly.