7 reasons why you should be using Twitter for your business

It’s 2015 and if you haven’t started using Twitter for your business yet, why not?!  Here are 7 reasons why you should make getting Twitter active your new year’s resolution:

1, People buy from people

We have all had crappy faceless customer service from big brand companies and been left feeling dejected, frustrated and put off.  Twitter – on the other hand – often gives us the opportunity to speak directly to retailers / designers / business owners about their products and it gives you, as a business owner the opportunity to show off your skills and speak directly to your customers. People are more likely to buy from you / into you if they feel like they know you.

2, Customer service

Following on from point one, Twitter is a great tool for customer service and more and more people are using it to approach businesses, I regularly use it to ask questions / find out more about services or complain and get good results.  There are some great tips here on how to use Twitter for customer service and support.

3, Brand awareness

You need to be where your customers are and if you are developing great content on Twitter that people are sharing you will expand the awareness of your brand and the more people that know about you, the more potential customers you have.

4, Educate your customers

Twitter is a great way to tell people about what you are doing, how your business works or why your business is unique.  It gives your customers the opportunity to know more about you, share information that make you shine.

5, Networking

Offline networking is great, combine it with online networking and you’ll supercharge your efforts.  Twitter is a great place to learn about meet ups, get involved with local business groups and just plain network!

6, SEO: Google loves social

I probably don’t need to tell you this but Social Media can have a dramatic effect on the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your business, being social is often the fasted way to increase your online reach.  Here’s a great article explaining more.

7, It’s a social world!

We meet and hang out offline and we meet and hangout online, people are social animals, we need each other and as Bob Hoskins said in that BT ad

“It’s good to talk!”

bob hoskins

What are you waiting for?

Twitter Tips: Why add a full stop before an @mention on Twitter

Have you scrolled through your Twitter feed and seen a couple of tweets starting with a full stop before an @mention and wondered why? 

It’s one of Twitter’s quirks that plays a huge role in what appears on your feed. When you tweet directly to someone and @mention them at the start of your Tweet, or when you ‘reply’ to a Tweet eg;

@dotsocialise thanks for the great #socialmedia tip

This Tweet will only appear in the feeds of users who follow both you and the person you are Tweeting. The reason for this is a good one, it prevents us from flooding other people’s streams when we’re having a Twitter conversation (we don’t need to share everything)

Now, if you add a full stop or any other icon before the @mention your tweet will appear in all of your followers feeds, for example;

.@DotSocialise post great #SocialMedia tips

In summary:
.Dot before you @mention at the start of a tweet to ensure your message is seen

And leave the .Dot out if you’re having a chinwag

NOTE: This trick is only for when you @mention people in the beginning of your Tweet or for replies that you want everyone to see.

Why using TrueTwit makes you look like a True Twit

If you are a TrueTwit user, please don’t take this post personally.  You might be new to Twitter and you might think that you need some kind of validation service for your account to protect you from unwanted followers but you really don’t.

TrueTwit promises three things to its users; spam avoidance, follower management and follower verification.  If you use a Twitter validation service, like TrueTwit, ALL of your new followers will be sent a validation request by direct message.  They then have to complete a CAPTCHA form and you are sent an email confirming they are a TrueTwit-validated human!captcha

Here’s what TrueTwit aims to do and why we don’t think it is a great idea:

  • Avoid Twitter spam – Twitter is an open social platform and one-way relationships are possible. If your account is public there is nothing stopping a bored individual or spambot from sending ‘spam’ messages to your account. You can’t really stop this.  TrueTwit doesn’t do anything to prevent this because it can’t. Plus, it isn’t only bots that send spam, real people spam too and they find filling in a CAPTCHA form easy!  If you get spam messages you can, through Twitter itself ,block the user, or block the user and report them for spam, report them as annoying or report the user as abusive (in violation of the Twitter Rules).
  • Save time managing your followers – The truth is, TrueTwit actually makes you look unsociable.  It can put people off following you and prevent you from growing your following.  It might save you time managing followers because people who might have followed you otherwise are PUT OFF following you, because they have to go through a validation process!
  • Verify people from robots – These days, most computers and programs can figure out CAPTCHA.  There are some clever bots out there!

So if TrueTwit doesn’t do any of the things it promises to do, what does it actually do?

First Impressions last

If the first contact someone receives from you is this:

@blahblahblah uses TrueTwit validation. To validate click here: http://truetwit.com/vy303452218

What do you think is their first impression of you?

TrueTwit can come across as alienating and rude.  Some people won’t click through to validate and some people will think that you don’t really know what you’re doing on Twitter.  You can also look like a spammer yourself.   How many messages on Twitter do you avoid like the plague?  We never click on the dodgy-looking link, do we?

Twitter is all about sharing

What we love about Twitter is that anyone can find and follow you.  People will choose to follow you because they are interested in what you might have to say.  If when they click to follow you and they get a DM asking you to validate yourself, do you think they’re interested enough at that stage to bother?  If your business or brand relies relies upon or is trying to create open communication you should think twice about placing this kind of roadblock between you and your audience.

In Summary:  Please don’t used TrueTwit, especially for business accounts, it makes you look like a bit of a Twit.