Facebook Updates – Tips from them!

In the ever-changing world of Facebook it’s hard to keep up with what might make your posts seen or not, and even the most supportive and fanatical Facebook marketeers don’t really know, and must find it hard to keep up!  

The best way to be sure has got to be to check with Facebook themselves. Below is an extract from their Newsroom from  21st Jan 2014 on creating content for your Facebook Page.

“Many Page owners often ask what kind of content they should post. This is difficult to answer, as it depends on who your audience is and what they want to see”…

“The best way to share a link after this update will be to use a link-share, so it looks like the one below. We’ve found that, as compared to sharing links by embedding in status updates, these posts get more engagement (more likes, comments, shares and clicks) and they provide a more visual and compelling experience for people seeing them in their feeds.”  

You can read the full Facebook post from their very own Newsroom here.   I hope this helps you. 

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Wendy Ager, for Dot Social

Croydonites Unite – Croydon, the next Tech City

Two of the Dot Social team took front row seats at the Croydon Tech City event and 2014 launch on Thurs 23rd January at Matthews Yard in Croydon.  
Croydon Tech City Jan 2014 Launch

Audience at Croydon Tech City Jan 2014

Croydon Tech City is a movement to encourage digital companies and start-ups to come into and/or work from Croydon.  The founder, Jonny Rose, outlines reasons why Croydon is well-positioned to become the ‘Second Tech City’ in his blog and on Croydon Tech City.
What it needed from when it was launched originally, I feel, was people, action and momentum, and boy have we got it.  Working together with Nigel Dias and Sarah Luxford, Jonny increased the numbers at their inaugural event of about 20 unsure but intrigued people to (I estimate) over 100 keen and enthused digitally-interested people, wanting and willing to work to make this become a reality.   There was a real buzz from the moment we arrived at Matthews Yard and still going when we left.  It was the sound of positivity and connections and relationships being built. 
We are avid supporters of this idea, of course, and want to help and build a stronger and connected Croydon that involves interesting and thriving businesses.  This will inevitably be followed by the inflow of money that supports all the other great developments coming along in and around Croydon.  
This was highlighted by Matt McMillan from Croydon Council with some great infographics of the talent in Croydon and the regeneration and plans to improve all kinds of spaces from leisure to business and infrastructure.  There’s more on the Westfield and Hammerson regeneration of the Whitgift Centre, transport improvements, homes, new leisure facilities and more here Croydon Partnership Masterplan too.
With the stories of others who have grown substantial Tech businesses from Croydon highlighted by Jonny, and talk by Simon Bird of Dot Mailer on their story, from bedroom idea to 150 employees and PLC status, it was easy to be enthused to want to support this idea of Croydon as the Second Tech City.   
Simon Bird, Dot Mailer talking at Croydon Tech City Jan 2014
Come on Croydonites, lets make it so.  Please go and follow the movement on Twitter, Facebook and visit the Croydon Tech City website.
Wendy Ager, for Dot Social

Social Predictions for 2014

We are all aware now that the Social Media revolution is a reality, plenty of us have seen the light and are using the powers of Social Media for the greater good. We at Dot Social think the only way is up and in 2014 things will just get more interesting. Here are some of the things I think we are going to see happening..

1. Social media is compulsory

Up until now opting out of social has been an option for some businesses, especially those longer standing ones who can’t get their head around it. I predict that in 2014, social will no longer be an option, that business MUST include Social Media as part of their marketing strategy to stay in the game

2. Questions asked on Social Media require an immediate response

In the past it was OK for businesses to take 12, 24, 72 hours to get back to people, but as the new digital disciples step into the consumer arena, they’ll be wanting answers on Facebook, Twitter etc straight away. Be prepared, 2014 is all about immediacy.

3. Everybody’s Mobile

YOU MUST make sure you’re marketing to mobile. According to Forbes: 87% Of Connected Devices Sales By 2017 Will Be Tablets And Smartphones so if your site isn’t mobile friendly you’re going to be missing out on potentially A LOT of business!

4. Instant e-commerce

We know that Pinterest can drive sales,  and we know they allow partners to use real-time Pinterest data to generate lists of the most-pinned items in their online stores.  Now imagine if you could click and purchase on Pinterest or Facebook without going anywhere else.. It’s just a matter of time..

5. Staff buy in

2014 and beyond will see the big brands extending their Social Media reach and incentivising their staff  to activate their personal communities and spread the word of the brand.

6. Images

‘A picture paints a thousand words’ and across the Social Media platforms every second memes, infograpics, selfies etc, etc are popping up.   Instagram and Pinterest really kicked off in a big way over the last couple of years and there are all manner of editing apps you can get for your smartphone – 2014 will see much more of the same. 

7. Podcasts

My last prediction is the rise of the podcast.   The YouTubers have put in their bid for world domination, Vimeo and Vine have created some noise over the last couple of years but I think that this year is all about absorbing information while your moving around, commuting, doing the housework etc, etc.. 2014 is the year of the podcast

by @StephanieDarkes


Are you a Google Ad? – Protect your privacy and make sure you opt out

In case you missed it, last November Google updated its terms of service, allowing the company to use your profile information in ads. Meaning that your name, picture and personal details are being spread throughout your network (unless you have already opted out).  

Facebook learnt the hard way that  there are lots of people who don’t like their face and name to show up in ads, and paid out a few Quid to some disgruntled users that took them to court.  

Google have tried to make the move by being more communicative, but if you did miss it – don’t panic! You can opt out right here all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and uncheck the box. 

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